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We Have a New Look!

By Limitless Minds

Notice anything different? We’re extremely excited to announce our rebrand and new website, the next right step in our mission to make mental conditioning and wellness more effective and accessible than ever.

Our founders, even those who are world class athletes, know that everyone thinks differently. While sports have the tremendous ability to bring people together, you don’t have to be an athlete to recognize the importance of community and a competitive edge.

Though sports are (and always will be) important to our background, we’re ultimately about intrinsic motivation. Now, our outer appearance more strongly reflects this. We wanted our new branding to communicate that Limitless Minds is for anyone who wants to get better.

“A lot of times we feel as if we have choices to make about where we want to go and what it takes to get there. The reality is that what it takes to succeed is not really a choice.”—Trevor Moawad.


To bring our vision to life, we worked with Seattle-based creative agency ShiftUp. Together, we developed a revamped logo, fonts, color scheme, and further brand identity that communicates the mission of Limitless Minds. Our new look will feature heavily across our channels, playing a tremendous role in the collective effort we bring to everything we do.

When designing our new website, we endeavored to provide a platform that fully exhibits what Limitless Minds has to offer. As we’ve grown, our features have expanded; now, our look takes everything we are and do into account. While exploring our site, you’ll notice our redesigned homepage and brand-new blog (that’s where you are now, and we’re glad you’re here!). Other website sections have been updated with our new branding, providing a consistent, exciting, and insightful experience for both longtime and future members of our community.

Limitless Minds instills fundamental mindset strategies that align teams and unite personal growth with business success — so your people can reach their goals and yours. We hope that when you stumble across our logo or a quote in our typeface, you’ll feel empowered to be your best and do more of what drives you. Most of all, you’ll be reminded that your capacity for success is, in fact, limitless.

Thank you for being part of our community and embarking on this journey with us. You can read more about what’s new and exciting at Limitless Minds, including the launch of Limitless Live, our live-streamed daily coaching feature, here.

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Our mindset strategies were pioneered by co-founder Trevor Moawad, a renowned mental conditioning coach, and tested under the intense pressures of top tier athletic programs. Since then, we’ve adapted these mental conditioning strategies and brought together world-class coaches, behavioral science, and technology to drive sustainable gains for businesses. Additionally, Limitless Minds is making mindset training more effective and accessible than ever.

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