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Success Leaves Clues: Why You Should Be Looking Backward

By Limitless Minds

A question once posed by our late co-founder Trevor Moawad that impacts the work we do every day: Why do we only conduct “after-action reviews”—or analyze our processes and their outcomes—when something goes wrong?

We don’t have a perfect answer (perhaps it’s easier to simply look forward when something is going right), but we do have a solution.

Life-changing, next-right-step-affirming knowledge coming your way: SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. It’s important to break down our successes so we know what behaviors contributed to them, making them repeatable—and more consistent—in the process.

Today, we have a simple activity to help you break down clues from your past, aiding in the understanding of what made you successful in the first place (and ultimately leading to future wins).

First, think about successful moments in your career. What actions or behaviors helped you succeed?

Write those down. Remember: this is about actions, not thoughts. What did you do?

Now, think about moments where you failed. What actions or behaviors held you back?

Write those down. Again: actions, not thoughts.

Finally, compare your two lists. What do you need to eliminate from your work in the future, and what do you need to add?

While it’s important to dig through some questions on your own accord, the most successful among us have coaches. Your next job: reach out to a someone you trust and ask them the following questions:

  1. What is one thing I do well that adds value to the team/situation/____?
  2. What is one thing I do that hinders the performance of the team/situation/____?
  3. What is one area I need to grow in?

You can also find someone you admire who performs the way you aspire to. Ask them questions pertaining to their own behavior and analyze what they are doing right. (Note: This is a nice place to start if you are struggling with your own self-awareness and need some inspiration.)

With that wisdom in motion, let your coaching journey continue with Limitless Minds. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, Coach Collin Henderson’s “Reflecting On Your Performance” video is waiting for you in the Fundamentals of Thinking: Part 1 section of the Club Limitless app.

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