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Iris Zimmerman

Room Tilter

An ICF-certified leadership and performance coach, Iris Zimmerman has been a striver and elite performer her whole life. She leverages a wealth of experience—as a business owner, Hall of Fame Fencing Champion, Olympian, and mother—toward coaching others to their own personal and professional successes. Iris lives in Rochester, New York with her family and is dedicated to working with and impacting her brilliant roster of clients while remaining present in raising her two daughters.

Joanna Lohman


A retired professional soccer player, author, and LGBTQ+ community advocate with a trademark blonde mohawk, Joanna Lohman has been rocking stages and fields all over the globe for two decades. Through performance coaching and her own experience with injury, defeat, and heartbreak, Joanna helps individuals and groups define their beauty by living an unabashedly authentic life based around deep-rooted acceptance and discovering a comfort in their own skin.

Karla Aghedo


After 10+ years holding various positions in law (former state prosecutor, practicing attorney in a global law firm), Karla Aghedo was looking to make change happen. Combining her own experience with recurring themes from hundreds of conversations with women in the same grind—lawyers, doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, accountants, and professors included—she founded Houston Wellness Workshops for Women (H3W). Karla approaches her coaching career the same way, keeping the whole woman—mind, body, and spirit—in view.

Krista Ryan


Krista Ryan is a Professional Certified Executive Coach (PCC), facilitator, and keynote speaker. Krista comes from the financial industry where she was HR Director for 16+ years and now supports industries globally through the lens of coaching with the main focus on Leadership Excellence and Workplace Wellbeing. In 2017, Krista was involved in a mass shooting which intensified her desire to impact others through mental strengthening and accountability. She now speaks worldwide sharing her “KFG” process (Keep Freakin’ Going) which provides audiences with an action-based toolkit to navigate challenges and change through a neutral lens. In 2023, Krista is excited to be adding author to her name as she is publishing her first book, Keep F-ing Going! A formula to live better and lead stronger through moments of chaos and change.

Andy Riise


The “Mental Toughness Coach,” Andy Riise is an Eagle Scout, West Point graduate, author, and former Army Football player. In his decorated 20 year military career, he led a variety of overseas missions and served five years in two elite Special Forces units. His research and coaching expertise aligns with the evidence-based best practices of Sport and Performance Psychology, utilizing various applied behavioral science disciplines with an emphasis on mental toughness and stress inoculation.

Tanya Bialostozky


With a 17+ year background in the pro-sports arena and a drive for empowering minorities and creating opportunities for women, Tanya Bialostozky inspires people to generate positive change by defying accepted limitations, shifting how they think and deal with challenges, and coming together. She works with teams, organizations, and projects that have a highly competitive culture, building people up, challenging assumptions, and having courageous conversations.

Henna Pryor


Henna Pryor is a highly sought after Workplace Performance Expert, award-winning TEDx and global keynote speaker, corporate facilitator, and Professional Certified Executive Coach (PCC). After an explosive 14-year Executive Search career, she’s now known for drastically improving the performance, habits, and actions of hungry high achievers from startups to the Fortune 500—in her fun, no-nonsense, no-jargon way. Henna also loves working with high-achieving women and measurably improving the performance of leaders and sales teams through custom training and strategic coaching, and is excited to publish her first book, Good Awkward, in 2023.

Matt Miller


A former special education teacher, principal, and lead coach with several organizations, Matt Miller is responsible for bringing numerous schools to high-performance levels. Contributing all success to the power of positive relationships, he believes in doing simple better, staying in your circle, and taking the next right step each day. When organizations are focused on people, great things happen—and it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Harry Wilson


After 12+ successful years as a leader, innovator, and visionary in the Biotech and Life Sciences industries and four years as a two-sport Division 1 athlete, Harry Wilson founded Limitless Minds in 2018 and currently guides the company as CEO. Speaking and facilitating for some of the world’s most impactful organizations, he shares a battle-tested formula where authenticity unlocks the door to transformational leadership.

DJ Eidson Limitless Minds

DJ Eidson


With 18+ years experience as a national award-winning sales leader and senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry, Limitless Minds President DJ Eidson is responsible for leading commercial strategy and development of mindset and wellness technology. Having had the opportunity to work with and train some of the top organizations and teams in the world, he helps the great get greater through encouragement, motivation, inspiration and instruction.

Travis Thomas


Dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and companies discover their brilliance by focusing on purpose, culture, and collaboration, Travis Thomas is the author of “3 Words for Getting Unstuck: Live Yes, And,” and the Leadership and Performance Specialist for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team. He infuses his work with the principles of improvisation, demonstrating how high-performing teams and cultures can use the power of collaboration to achieve peak performance.

Collin Henderson


Collin Henderson is a leader in the field of mental conditioning, drawing on his background as a Division I athlete, record setting medical device sales professional, and national sales trainer. An author of five books dealing with peak performance and host of the Master Your Mindset podcast, Collin’s innovative trainings on mindset, culture, and sales psychology have been utilized by some of the world’s best organizations and top college programs.

Josh Lifrak


Known for his energy, enthusiasm, and care for others, Josh Lifrak has worked with elite athletes and corporate leaders for 18+ years, helping them perform at their highest levels and transforming organizational cultures and individual mindsets to create an environment for optimal performance, development, and growth. Among other things, Josh’s wisdom pulls from his consulting background and time as director of the Chicago Cubs’ Mental Skills Program, where he helped them win their first World Series in 108 years.

Dr. Julia West Limitless Minds

Dr. Julia West


In her work with patients and physicians in large integrated healthcare systems as a Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr. West realized her true passion lies in making psychological theory accessible, memorable, and practical. She traded a career in academic medicine to focus on bridging the gap between psychological research and what works “on the ground” in real-world situations. Specializing in implementation science and Train-the-Trainer methodology, Dr. West designs programs that maximize people’s psychological flexibility, fulfillment, and wellbeing.

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