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August 22, 2022


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Limitless Live Announcement

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And we’re LIVE. From the very beginning, Limitless Minds has set the standard for mindset training and worked to foster a community where a neutral mindset is constantly utilized. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch Limitless Live, a new feature where you get to join us for a midday dose of inspiration from some of the world’s best brain trainers.

Every. Day.

Starting August 22, we’ll connect in the Club Limitless app or on Limitless Minds’ social media channels (i.e., LinkedIn and Facebook) at 12:30 pm EST, Mondays through Fridays. Through these daily, live video streams, you’ll see our coaches open up and can ask them questions and get closer to them than ever before.

As Dr. Julia West, our Director of Science and Content, puts it: “We know to get benefits from mindset training we can’t ‘set it and forget it’ — we need practice, support, and community. Now, our clients and anyone around the world with an interest in bettering their mental performance will get daily access to our coaches for expert support.”

When you tune into a Limitless Live event, expect a fresh and dynamic conversation focused on a topic that will help elevate your mindset. No two conversations will be the same, because no two situations are the same. The one thing that remains consistent? How you choose to respond. That’s what our coaches are here to teach you (while having a good time along the way).

“We are excited about the launch of Limitless Live! We believe this takes access to coaches to another level while also providing more value to our community,” says founder and CEO Harry Wilson. “Even better, it’s at the same place, same time, every weekday.”

Skipped a session? We’re sad to have missed you, but Club Limitless members can always go back and watch past sessions in the app on-demand. Something on your mind? Ask! Our coaches are on hand to guide you, so you can walk away from your daily Limitless Live viewing ready to take your next right step.

“Limitless Live is all about immediate impact. We hope that users can take 15 minutes or less to learn, then leverage their takeaways throughout their day,” Harry notes. “Sure, these Lives are daily, but even those that can only come once a week or occasionally throughout the month will benefit. What is important is sustained work on your mental skills.”

And if you can make it a habit? You’ll be doing yourself a favor. Performance is all about preparation, and you’re on the best track to creating a mental environment where you thrive.

“Showing up often will help fine-tune your psychological flexibility and increase your adversity tolerance,” says Harry. “Come join us!”

You can watch Limitless Live weekdays at 12:30 pm EST on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitch, and our Club Limitless app — download now to start tuning in for free.

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