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Our mission

Enrich culture.

Optimize performance.

A mindset without limits.

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What we stand for

Mindset is everything.

We are a mindset and wellness tech company helping people perform better, longer.

In today’s fluid, fast paced and competitive world — a mindset that delivers the highest probability of success is an undeniable asset.

Limitless Minds offers experience-proven insight and training in what it takes to achieve big and go far. Unlike other ‘rah rah’ positive thinking speakers and firms, we don’t emphasize the magic of just thinking positive.


The captains of Limitless Minds.

Russell Wilson Limitless Minds

Russell Wilson

Founder & Co-Chairman

Seattle Seahawks and 6-time Pro Bowl Quarterback, Russell attributes much of his success to his ongoing commitment to mental conditioning with Trevor. Outside of football, Russell hosts ESPN’s QB2QB, is founder of Tally and a national spokesperson for several brands and organizations.

Harry Wilson Limitless Minds

Harry Wilson

Founder & CEO

After spending over twelve successful years in Biotech Industry and four years as a Division 1 athlete, Harry Wilson is responsible for corporate strategy and operations for Limitless Minds. Harry has held several sales specialty and training positions for Horizon, Victory and Stryker.

DJ Eidson Limitless Minds

DJ Eidson

Founder & COO

DJ Eidson is responsible for business development, marketing and creative direction at Limitless Minds. DJ has over 18 years experience as a regional and national award-winning sales leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to Limitless Minds, DJ developed his sales and leadership experience at Wyeth, Schering-Plough, Kowa and Horizon Pharma.

Trevor Moawad Limitless Minds

Trevor Moawad

Late Co-Founder

“The World’s Best Brain Trainer” and thought leader in mental conditioning for A-list professional athletes, top-tier football, and basketball teams (OKC Thunder, Alabama, UGA, FSU, & UCLA).  Trevor’s teachings will live on through the digital platform of Limitless Minds.

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Russell Wilson Limitless Minds

Russell Wilson


Russell is the Co-founder and Chairman of Limitless Minds. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and holds the highest winning percentage in NFL History. Russell has an unwavering belief that “Success Leaves Clues” and can teach your team the value of being on a constant Quest For Knowledge. Russell has proven to be the poster-child for neutral thinking and the utilization of strategic “inner-language” to impact one’s behaviors, which will ultimately dictate elite results.

Speaker Topics

  • Habits and Behavior: “Success Leaves Clues”
  • Language: It’s Impact on Performance and Culture
  • Gratitude Culture

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Henna Pryor Headshot

Henna Pryor


After an explosive 14-year recruitment career working with top performers, growing managers, and C-suite leaders, Henna founded Pryority Group to realize a vision that access to executive coaching and development is the most important asset to any individual’s continued growth. Henna prides herself on an “empathetic but no-nonsense” approach and has been recognized quickly as a secret weapon of companies ranging from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500. She has a dual specialty in working with high-achieving women and measurably improving the performance of sales teams through their sales messaging training and strategic coaching. Henna is currently an Executive Coach with Chief, a private network focusing on connecting and supporting women leaders, and also leads coaching and training for the Women’s Business Enterprise Center and University of Delaware’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, and also the creator of several in-demand sales training programs. She earned her Masters in Accountancy from University of Virginia and BS in Finance from University of Delaware, and completed her coaching certification in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from American University. She currently holds her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification, and is thrilled to use her unique combination of expertise and experience to help leaders and high achievers take themselves to the next level.

Speaker Topics

  • Coaching and Development for High-Achieving Women
  • Coaching and Development for Emerging Growth Leaders
  • Sales Performance Training and Development
  • Sales Messaging and Copywriting Training

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Josh Lifrak Limitless Minds

Josh Lifrak


Over the past 15 years Joshua Lifrak has worked with elite athletes and corporate leaders to help them perform at their highest levels. He has also been instrumental in helping transform organizational cultures to create an environment for optimal development and growth. He is currently the Major League Mental Performance Coach for a MLB team and during the past 5 years he served as Director of the Mental Skills Program for the Chicago Cubs where he created, designed and implemented the most robust mental skills program in Major League Baseball. There he was in charge of helping all the members of the Chicago Cubs reach their full potential – both as players and as a people. Prior to joining the Cubs, Josh was at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL, where he spent 10 years building mental skills training programs. In addition, Josh has worked with MLB players, NBA and NFL draft picks, the US Soccer U-17 Men’s National Team and many college programs, including the Florida St. football and basketball teams, and the USC football and 5-time NCAA champion Men’s tennis team. Josh earned a BA in Sociology from University of Rhode Island and a Masters in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sport Psychology from Ithaca College.

Speaker Topics

  • Training to access the neutral mindset: Methods and tools to train your mind to get neutral
  • Leadership: Listen, Empower, Accept, Develop–helping your team perform at its highest level and helping them access a neutral mindset
  • Cultural Development: How to help engender a culture of neutrality and elite performance

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Matt Miller Limitless Minds

Matt Miller


Matt is a proven educator and accountability coach. His weekly coaching model has transformed schools and is now producing significant results with a wide variety of clients. Matt is a former special education teacher, principal, and lead coach with several organizations. Matt believes in doing simple better, staying in your circle, and taking the next right step each day.

Speaker Topics

  • Stay In Your Circle – control the controlables
  • It’s All About Relationships
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People / 4DX
Travis Thomas Limitless Minds

Travis Thomas


Travis Thomas is a performance coach and speaker dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and companies discover their brilliance by focusing on purpose, culture, and collaboration. He is the author of the book “3 Words for Getting Unstuck: Live Yes, And,” and has delivered his message to schools and companies all over the US, as well as sports organizations including the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and the University of Georgia football. He is currently a Leadership and Performance Specialist for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team. Travis infuses his talks and message with the principles of improvisation to demonstrate how high-performing teams and cultures use the power of relationship and collaboration in order to achieve peak performance. Travis is also the co-founder of The Jove Comedy and performs regularly in Palm Beach. He lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife and three kids.

Speaker Topics

  • Building a “Yes, And” Culture
  • The Improv Principles of High-Performing Teams
  • The Power of Purpose and Authenticity
Collin Henderson Limitless Minds

Collin Henderson


Collin Henderson is the founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, LLC, a leader in the field of mental conditioning. Collin was a two-sport Division I athlete, Academic All-American, Pac-12 Champion, record setting medical sales professional, and national sales trainer. He has authored five books dealing with peak performance and his podcast, Master Your Mindset, has had 75,000 plus downloads world-wide. Collin’s innovative trainings on mindset, culture, and sales psychology have been utilized by some of the world’s best organizations including: Nike, Zillow, Los Angeles Dodgers, lululemon, US Soccer Foundation, Microsoft, Salesforce, Alaska Airlines, Amazon, FedEx, Stryker, GSK, Windermere, Edward Jones, American Family Insurance, and Novartis. Collin has also provided mental conditioning training to top college programs across the country including: Miami University, Tulane University, Kansas University, Oregon State University, University of Washington, Pacific University, San Jose State University, Seattle University, and Washington State University (among others).

Speaker Topics

Dr. Julia West Limitless Minds

Dr. Julia West


Dr. West is a licensed clinical psychologist and practicing therapist who specializes in behavioral medicine. She has a passion for making complex psychological theory as accessible, practical, and usable as possible. She has specialized training in implementation science, Training the Trainer methodology, and evidence-based treatments, making her uniquely suited to help bridge the gap between what psychological researchers are testing in academia and what works “on the ground” in real-world situations. Dr. West owns and operates a private psychology practice in Allentown, Pennsylvania. On a daily basis, she breaks down psychological theory to usable, actionable steps. She uses evidence-based treatments to help her clients strike the right balance between acceptance and change. Dr. West views her role as a coach and collaborator, who meets people where they are in their own change process, and helps them determine how to move forward in a direction that feels right. Dr. West earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University. She completed a psychology residency at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, and a specialized postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine and program implementation at Geisinger Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Dr. West completed her Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Women’s Studies at Dickinson College.

Speaker Topics

  • Cultivating resilience
  • Psychological Flexibility
  • Emotional awareness and regulation training
  • Cognitive Restructuring

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DJ Eidson Limitless Minds

DJ Eidson


DJ is an award- winning senior executive who has proven success in business and life. He spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry selling and marketing products, training individuals and leading teams. He consistently gets the most and best out of people through encouragement, motivation, inspiration and instruction. DJ has had the opportunity to work and train some of the top organizations and teams in the world.

Speaker Topics

  • “Competing vs. Comparing”
  • “Neutral Thinking” for People Leaders
  • “Pressure is a Privilege” for the Middle Manager
  • “Surround Sound” Influencing

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Harry Wilson Limitless Minds

Harry Wilson


Harry spent more than a decade as a successful leader and innovator in the biotech/pharma space, and 4 years as a Division 1 athlete (football and baseball). As a Co-founder and President of Limitless Minds, Harry has taken his years as a perennial top-performer, in both leadership and contributor roles, to a broader audience. Speaking and facilitating for some of the World’s most impactful organizations, he shares a battle-tested formula where authenticity unlocks the doors to transformational leadership.

Speaker Topics

  • Power of Authenticity
  • The Power of Negativity (and its Impact on transformational Leadership)
  • Unlocking Fear
  • Hope and Grit: Two Best Predictors of Transformational Leadership

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What we offer

Retrain your brain.

Performance is all about preparation. Learning how to stay neutral in any situation is the best thing you can do to prepare! At Limitless Minds we are dedicated to helping enrich your company’s culture through “neutral” mindset training so pressure can become a privilege and success can become consistent.

As a company, we work with some of the world’s best brain trainers to offer our customers a competitive advantage. If you think your company would benefit from mindset training, a leadership summit, or would like to book a keynote speaker, we’d love to help!

Click on one of our offerings to get more information.

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Austin Sweet
IT Industry

I've been investing into self-improvement over the last few years after getting out of some rough life situations, and didn't think I'd gain that much. That arrogance was quickly shattered, with challenging courses and live sessions that gave me insights into my own mindset, paired with quantifiable, sustainable, actionable real-world steps.

CJ Lawrence
Real Estate Broker

Limitless Minds has created a community that is empowering and stabilizing. We work so hard at honing our craft, and our skills, but we don’t focus enough on our mindset, and in this market, mindset matters. I’m operating from a neutral mindset which gives me the ability to treat each transaction and each interaction with the same energy.

Kevin MacIlvane
Head of National Internal Sales
Brighthouse Financial

On behalf of my entire team, thank you - We grew yesterday! We grew as critical thinkers, we grew as informed decision makers and we grew as thoughtful sales/business leaders…It wasn’t your typical corporate training!

Mike Hutchinson

Success isn’t attributed to one thing, it’s a culture. Focusing on one aspect or one thing takes away from the overall culture. Limitless Minds offered us a common language for our culture fabric…Our company didn’t have to adapt to COVID because we were prepared for it. Now our business is built to adapt to ANY change.

Ndali Ijomah
Associate Director
Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

Limitless Minds was awesome to work with because they found solutions for us. The concept of neutral has given us the ability to coach all the other things we do as a company, like collaboration. Neutral lives above all the other thinking tools and it allows you to bring out the best of you

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Our mindset strategies were pioneered by co-founder Trevor Moawad, a renowned mental conditioning coach, and tested under the intense pressures of top tier athletic programs. Since then, we’ve adapted these mental conditioning strategies and brought together world-class coaches, behavioral science, and technology to drive sustainable gains for businesses. Additionally, Limitless Minds is making mindset training more effective and accessible than ever.

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