Clarity: The Key to Purpose and Velocity

I wear contact lens.  I had to get a prescription for them because I could not see the board at school.  When I do not wear my contacts everything seems blurry and I can not make up the details of what’s around me. 

Boosting Emotional Self-Awareness: A Monthly Self-Audit

In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose touch with our emotions. With one simple tool however, there is a way to have better self-awareness, emotional regulation and better relationships. What is that tool?  A monthly self-audit.

Adversity Tolerance: What It Is + How to Build It


what is adversity? The simple, Google-able definition is “one’s difficulties or misfortunes,” but it goes deeper than that. Adversity shows up at many different levels, in many different settings. There’s workplace adversity (think unstable markets, company reorganizations, turnover, etc). Physical adversity can include a career-ending injury or just the migraines you’ve dealt with since childhood. Relationship adversity, mental, social, spiritual—the list goes on and on.

Less Negative Beats More Positive


As it turns out, working to reduce negativity has a ripple effect that outweighs trying to add positivity into your life. In 2021, a team of researchers led by Michael F. Scheier conducted a meta-analysis of 61 studies. Findings across these studies demonstrated that less pessimism was a more powerful predictor of better physical health outcomes than MORE optimism.

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

When it comes to the effect of purpose on performance, research by Gallup showed that improving an employees’ connection to the mission of their organization by just 10% can lead to an 8.1% decrease in turnover and a 4.4% increase in profitability.

One of the best ways to increase an employee’s connection to their work is to allow them to take ownership of it. However, an employee must be proud of what they’re doing to claim it as theirs.

Neutral Thinking is LIMITLESS

Neutral Thinking is Limitless Image

In coaching sessions, we often define neutral thinking as a truth- and behavior-based method of thinking that focuses on the objective facts, without judging or grading. Utilizing neutral thinking allows each moment to have a history of its own, emphasizing the process instead of the past (then) or future (when).

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