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The cost of a non-resilient team is paralyzing.

US companies lose 7½ months of productivity and up to $250k per lost employee.* Meanwhile, companies that invest in sales training realize significant return on investment, including a 23% average increase in company profits.**

*Top 50 Pharma companies employ ~6.5k sales reps per company.  Average turnover is 34%, the collective financial impact of lost and unproductive sales people is $550M per year.
**Gallup, 2020.

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Here's how it works

1 How it works

Launch Session (Keynote to Launch the Experience)

A 60-minute mindset experience to introduce teams and cohorts to the Limitless Minds program, virtual or in person.

2 How it works

Digital Experience

On-demand access to our immersive ‘MindGym,’ featuring world-class coaches, digital fitness activities, and self-paced, interactive content.

3 How it works

Living and Breathing Sessions (L.A.B.S)

Monthly virtual LABS to reinforce key learnings, maximize engagement, and provide a pathway for shared accountability and inspired wins.

4 How it works

Keynote Experiences and Individual Workshops

Whatever your next right step is, we’re game. Contact us to learn more.

The minds behind Limitless Minds

Our journey began with four co-founders, each bringing unique expertise to our shared passion for innovation, excellence, and relentless success. From left to right they are:

  • DJ Eidson: President, Former Pharma & Biotech Sales Leader
  • Russell Wilson: Super Bowl Winning Quarterback & Entrepreneur
  • Trevor Moawad: Sports Illustrated’s “World’s Best Brain Trainer”
  • Harry Wilson: CEO, Former MedDevice & Pharma Sales Leader

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Neutral Thinking delivers results

Companies utilizing our program have exhibited a 3X increase in team performance and 34% decrease in turnover.

"Limitless Minds was awesome to work with because they found solutions for us. The concept of neutral has given us the ability to coach all the other things we do as a company, like collaboration. Neutral lives above all the other thinking tools and it allows you to bring out the best of you"

Ndali Ijomah

Associate Director – Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

"Success isn’t attributed to one thing, it’s a culture. Focusing on one aspect or one thing takes away from the overall culture. Limitless Minds offered us a common language for our culture fabric…Our company didn’t have to adapt to COVID because we were prepared for it. Now our business is built to adapt to ANY change."

Mike Hutchinson

CEO – GeoEngineers

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"On behalf of my entire team, thank you - We grew yesterday! We grew as critical thinkers, we grew as informed decision makers and we grew as thoughtful sales/business leaders…It wasn’t your typical corporate training!"

Kevin MacIlvane

Head of National Internal Sales – Brighthouse Financial

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"Limitless Minds has created a community that is empowering and stabilizing. We work so hard at honing our craft, and our skills, but we don’t focus enough on our mindset, and in this market, mindset matters. I’m operating from a neutral mindset which gives me the ability to treat each transaction and each interaction with the same energy."

CJ Lawrence

Real Estate Broker

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"I've been investing into self-improvement over the last few years after getting out of some rough life situations, and didn't think I'd gain that much. That arrogance was quickly shattered, with challenging courses and live sessions that gave me insights into my own mindset, paired with quantifiable, sustainable, actionable real-world steps."

Austin Sweet

IT Industry

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About Us

Our mindset strategies were pioneered by co-founder Trevor Moawad, a renowned mental conditioning coach, and tested under the intense pressures of top tier athletic programs. Since then, we’ve adapted these mental conditioning strategies and brought together world-class coaches, behavioral science, and technology to drive sustainable gains for businesses. Additionally, Limitless Minds is making mindset training more effective and accessible than ever.

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